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Themed Display Drives Sales

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By Kat Sudduth

Themed Display Drives Sales

Smith's Variety in Homewood, Alabama

What I Did

This is a photo of a display we did last year for the 45th Anniversary of the Mustang. There was a big weekend bash at Barber's Motosports that weekend...& the Mustang's Club of America planned a "drive-in" which ended on our street. For about 3 hours we had well over a thousand new customers walking up & down our street . We stayed open late & did whatever we could to draw in the customers. It was a tremendous success!

How I Did It

I ordered any small mustang car I could find! I took colored 3m tape & cut small triangles out of it...then stuck it to ribbon to create car-lot flags. I found checkered flags to garner more attention.

Lessons Learned

Although we were a gift shop & mustang cars were not something that we focused on AT ALL...we took advantage of an event & did whatever we could to bring those people into our store. Not only did we sell 90% of the cars, but we sold loads of other merchandise, as well.

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