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Establishing Store Policies

By anticipating problems before they happen, retailers can strategize how to handle special situations, as well as the normal day to day operations.

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Recognizing Return Fraud

Thursday December 29, 2011

The days immediately following Christmas can be just as busy for some retailers as the holiday shopping period. Customers aren't perfect and Uncle Joe may not want yet another ugly tie. Unfortunately for retailers, the more we sell--the more returns we may receive.

Retail veterans may easily recognize return fraud. However, if your return policy is vague you may have no choice but to honor all (or most) returns. Even when you believe fraud is involved. Learn how to recognize return fraud and write a return policy to protect your business.


Retail Resolutions

Monday December 26, 2011

As a new year draws closer, we find ourselves taking stock of our personal lives. For many, 2012 comes with new hopes, new goals and new resolutions. It is a chance to do away with the old and start anew. But what about our businesses? What new hopes and new goals do we set for our retail store?

If you looking for areas of improvement within your retail shop, consider these 10 ways to better your business.

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Wordless Wednesday: Colorful Christmas

Wednesday December 21, 2011

Colorful Christmas - Visual Merchandising Display

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Last Minute Meeting

Wednesday December 14, 2011

More customer traffic, new product displays, extended store hours... yes, the holiday shopping season is in full swing. Many retailers are shifting their focus right now to capturing those sales. But what about staff?

Retailers can become so involved in the daily operations of running the business that sometimes we have blinders on when it comes to our employees. Internal tension, burnout or simply losing sight of why we do what we do, can cause many problems among staff.

What should you do when you find these things happening in your store? Plan a store meeting and use some of these topic ideas!

What topics do you cover in your store's meetings?

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