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Retail Store Atmosphere: What turns You Off In Certain Stores?
We all have our own little pet peeves and what may turn off one customer may not bother another. When you walk in to a retail store, what part of the store's atmosphere may affect your shopping experience? What turns you off in certain stores?

10 Ways to Better Your Business
Retailers all have the same basic path to success. That is, we must increase sales and reduce expenses in order to improve profitability. The goal is the same but how we achieve each milestone may vary. Take a look at the following ways to better your business.

Combatting the Post-Holiday Blues
The retailing after-holiday period is often a psychologically down one for both customers and employees. So, let us present some suggestions to boost the morale of customers and employees.

Creating Layaway Policies and Procedures
To help you create or evaluate your current layaway policy, this article provides a layaway checklist, sample layaway sales receipt and information on federal and state layaway laws.

Before You Buy Hangers
Hangers are a critical part of any clothing display. Before you buy commercial hangers for your store, consider the following factors.

Create a Charitable Giving Policy
It's a good idea for retail businesses to have a charitable giving policy in place. Don't wait to be asked. The time to plan for the store's charitable giving policy is while writing the business plan.

Charitable Giving Guide for Retailers
Giving is a win-win situation for most retail stores. It is our chance to feel good about giving back to a supportive community while creating a positive public relation. If your retail business is looking to get in on some goodwill, use the following as guide to giving.

Create a Beat Yesterday Book
Retailers shuffle a lot of paperwork. There are Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss statements, Sales & Use forms and more to keep track of a business' financial health. But ask a retailer how their business is doing and many times he or she will have to call their accountant for the answer. This is where a Beat Yesterday Book will come in handy.

Establishing Store Policies
The best time to establish policies and procedures for your retail business is during the planning stages. By anticipating problems before you open your doors, you can strategize how you’ll handle special situations, as well as the normal day to day operations. This helps avoid making mistakes once you’re faced with customers.

Ways Retailers Can Give
Retail businesses, especially the small independent retailer, are favorite targets of non-profits and community organizations when it comes time to find donations. And with good reason too.

Going Green: Tips for Retailers
Retailers who think going green is just another fad or marketing ploy should think again. Consumers are becoming more aware of their overall impact on our communities. Here are some ways retailers can reduce, reuse and recycle for improved social-responsibility.

Retail Store Recovery
Store recovery is simply the act of getting a retail store ready for customers. It is the combination of several processes to make the store look great, ease store operations and it should be done on a daily basis. Make your store recovery go by quickly and efficiently with the following tips.

Examples of Hangers Used in Retail
Confused about the many different hangers available? View our hanger photo gallery to see examples of the most popular types of hangers used in retail.

Store Supply List
What retail store supplies does your business need? View this list of store supply items needed in each area of your brick and mortar retail store.

Styles of Hangers
Economical plastic, durable metal and classic wood hangers may all be suitable to use in a retail environment. Before choosing clothes hangers to use in your store, learn about the more popular types of hangers.

Tips for Choosing a Charity
Personal giving is pretty easy to do for most of us. We generally find ourselves emotionally attached to a particular cause or group and therefore we easily feel good about contributing financially. When it comes to charitable giving from our businesses we may find ourselves to be a little less emotional and a little more informed before donating. These tips can help retailer's choose a charity…

The Success of Mobile Retail

Do you Have a Protocol?
Retailers who do not have written protocols to handle emergency situations are at risk.

Retail Store Evaluations
Every retailer starts out with the store matching their vision exactly, but if they do not constantly evaluate their retail store, it will eventually become something you do not want.

How Employee-Manager Communication Can Increase Sales

4 Ways to Boost Convenience for Customers

How to Make Your Retail Business A Valuable Resource to Customers

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