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Retail Topic Ideas for Store Meetings

Staff Meeting Topics


As a retail store manager or shop owner, have you ever planned a staff meeting and had no idea what to talk about? Consider discussing one of these staff meeting topics at the next store meeting. From safety topics to customer service, these topic ideas can be customized for most any retail management.

1. Basic Safety

The key to accident prevention in retail begins with awareness of basic safety. It's also a great topic for the next staff meeting!

2. Refunds and Returns

Can your staff spot fraudulent refunds? Do they know how to turn a return into a sale?

3. Shoplifting

The store meeting is an excellent time to review the retailer's shoplifting policies and procedures for reporting store theft and ways each employee can prevent shoplifting.

4. Cutting Back

As consumers, we are all are facing soaring grocery bills and painful pump prices. So what do we do? We stop eating out, combine errands and learn to live with less. We cut back.

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