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Staffing Your Retail Store

Hire and train new employees, schedule salespersons and be the boss of your retail staff. We'll help define the role of store manager, tell you where to find good employees and give advice for conducting the exit interview.
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8 Low-Cost Perks
Retailers that develop long-term incentives, perks, and rewards for its staff often see benefits like less employee turn-over and better customer service. Here are 8 low-cost perk ideas for retailers.

Getting Help: When and Who Should You Hire?
As your business begins to grow and evolve, you'll be challenged by the decision to expand. If you are doing all of the work yourself, your first thought may be to hire employees. Before you begin the hiring process, take a moment to determine whether or not you really need the help.

Scheduling Employees
One of the most important tasks of the retail manager is scheduling employees. Creating the work schedule requires meeting the needs of the store, while satisfying the needs of the workers. Learn factors which influence the weekly work schedule.

Retail Topic Ideas for Store Meetings
As a retail store manager or shop owner, have you ever planned a staff meeting and had no idea what to talk about? Consider discussing one of these staff meeting topics at the next store meeting. From safety topics to customer service, these topic ideas can be customized for most any retail management.

The Store Meeting
The best way to disseminate important information to retail store employees is by holding a store meeting. Some retailers have mandatory monthly meetings and others wait until special events or circumstances arise which may warrant a store meeting. Read these tips before planning your next store meeting.

Submit Retailing Tips
If you have a trick, technique or knowledge that could help another retailer, we'd love to publish it in our Retailing Tips guide. Just fill out the form below and if your tip is chosen, we will credit you and your business.

The Exit Interview
A lot of thought, preparation and planning go into hiring a good employee. When that employee leaves the company, a retailer can take advantage of an exit interview to learn valuable information from the departing employee that he/she may have never learned.

Motivating New Associates
Retail training expert, Bob Richardson, offers the following tips for motivating new associates.

Motivating Your Retail Sales Staff In Slow Times
Just because sales may be slow doesn't mean the economy is bad. If you are doing the right things to market your business and staying in touch with your customers on a regular basis they will return after your slow period of summer vacations, back to school, etc. Motivational speaker Debbie Allen tells how to motivate your retail sales staff in slow times.

Retail Management Tips
John Reh, your About Guide to Management, offers his top twenty management tips for the retail industry.

What Are Employment Taxes?
If you have employees, you are responsible for Federal Income Tax Withholding, Social Security and Medicare taxes and Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA), unless specifically excepted. Learn more about this topic from the IRS.

Fair Labor Standards Act and Compliance Assistance
This page provides a shortcut to information and services the Department of Labor (DOL) offers employers. One good place to start is the compliance assistance information and resources to help you, as an employer, understand which DOL laws apply to your business.

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