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Merchandise Return Form


The Return Policy:

After writing a return policy, the next step is to create a document that will allow store employees to quickly and efficiently complete the transaction.

Return Form Details:

Download this Merchandise Return Form to use in your retail store or develop your own form.

The information obtained from the customer should include:

  • name, address and contact details
  • proof of identification
  • description of the original purchase
  • reason for return or refund
  • type of return requested
  • additional notes, if needed

Some states have regulations governing returns and other consumer transactions. Be sure to know what details your retail business can or cannot collect from the shopper and how that information should be stored.

How to Use the Data:

The information collected during the return process can be used in various ways.

Store management can give the customer a follow up call. This may reveal any customer service issues or product concerns the shopper didn't mention during the return process.

Retailers will need to keep a record of refund transactions for accounting purposes.

Fighting Fraud:

Serial returns and fraudulent refunds may also be easier to recognize when the merchandise return forms are kept on file. For example, when Jane Doe brings back the dress she purchased last week, the sales clerk may not realize this is the 7th return for Ms. Doe this month. Armed with the record of returns, store management may want to speak to the customer regarding their rate of refunds.

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