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Resources include tips for attending trade shows, inventory management, seasonal planning, vendor relations, store fixtures, pricing and merchandising techniques.
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Auction House Bargains for Retailers
Many retailers may not be aware of the deals they can find at an auction house. Local live auctions are great places to purchase store fixtures, display props, merchandise and other items to be used in a retail store. Learn how to save big!

Create an Attractive Display
A creative display can draw the customer in, promote a slow-moving product, announce a sale, or welcome a season. Some stores located in a mall or other structure may lack windows, but don't despair. There are many places throughout the store to build beautiful displays.

Digital Signage in Retail
What is digital signage and how can it benefit a retailer? Learn how today's technology of digital signage enables a retailer to control and display their messages quickly and effectively. Understand the equipment used in digital signage networks.

Gifts for Store Owners
Looking for a gift for the retailer or store owner on your list? The following retailing gifts are practical (and not-so practical) for any entrepreneur. From the useful to the zany, here are our top gifts for filling any store owner's wish list.

How to Share Your Retail Merchandising Pictures
Here's your chance to show off your best visual merchandising work. If you have created a unique product display, we want to share it with our readers. Just follow the instructions and send us your photos to be added to our gallery. See submissions

Reader Submissions: Show and Tell Merchandising Photos
View merchandising photos and anecdotes submitted by retailers.

Trade Show Attendance Tips: Maximize Your Time
No matter how small your retail business may be, the benefits of attending a trade show sponsored by vendors or industry associations far outweigh any reason not to attend. To get the most from attending a trade show, you should have a strategy. Knowing what you would like to accomplish before, during, and after the show will help maximize your time. Here are some planning tips.

Valentine Displays for Unromantic Products
Certain products will naturally lend themselves to a great display opportunity. If your product line doesn't seem very romantic, don't despair. Try the following when building a Valentine's Day display.

Visual Displays Photo Gallery
The following photos have been submitted from retailers, merchandisers and visual display artists wanting to show off their talents.

4-5-4 Calendar
The National Retail Federation has provided this sales calendar spanning three years. The purpose of the 4-5-4 Calendar is to serve as a guide for retailers and ensures sales comparability between years by dividing the year into months based on a 4 weeks - 5 weeks - 4 weeks format.

Retail Design and Visual Merchandising Competitions
Visual merchandising and design contests are posted here at the Visual Store site.

Why the Buy

Using Bundling to Sell More Products to A Customer
Product bubbling can increase your retail sales even if you have a weak sales team.

Retail Store Evaluations
Every retailer starts out with the store matching their vision exactly, but if they do not constantly evaluate their retail store, it will eventually become something you do not want.

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