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Retail marketing plans, sales promotion ideas, branding and advertising resources for retailers. Learn how to use loss leaders, media buys and sales events to the benefit of your retail store. Select a newspaper to advertise in, create an effective ad and understand newspaper rate cards.
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Share Your Community Involvement - Getting Your Retail Busine…
Participating in area activities not only helps promote brand awareness, it can also leave a retailer feeling good for giving something back to a supportive community. What type of local events does your retail business participate?

3 Ways to Thrive in a Retail Slowdown
When the economy starts sputtering that's when savvy retailers take action. Every newspaper, news program, news website is full of doom and gloom these days. Stores closings, foreclosures, rising gas prices, job cuts, rising food prices are all the top stories in the media.

5 Tips for Getting Involved
One excellent way to market any retail business is through networking. Here are five tips for getting a retail business involved with the community:

10 Internet Marketing Tips for Retailers
When you opened the brick and mortar retail shop, chances are you planned for a grand opening or ribbon cutting. Marketing and advertising to get the word out about your new business was probably one of your top concerns. Internet marketing is just as important for a retail store.

50 Marketing Ideas for Retailers
Small business owners can easily get too involved in the day-to-day operations of their retail stores to spend any time brainstorming marketing ideas. Some retailers worry that marketing is too expensive, others may find it too time consuming. Without announcing who you are and what you sell, how will anyone know? Here are 50 marketing ideas for retailers.

How Do You Increase Sales?
When the daily sales receipts are down, what does your store do to get them back up? If your retail store never has those days, what's your secret? How do you increase sales? Share your tips for surviving a sales slump.

Retail Promotional Calendar
The following retail promotional calendar is a list of some of the major holidays, observances, retail trends, seasonal events and other happenings to help plan your store's retail merchandising. Combine this information with your own marketing calendar for a powerful retail promotion tool.

Loss Leaders
Loss leaders are goods or services offered at steep discounts (generally below cost) in order to attract new customers to a store. The intent is to not only have the customer buy the sale item, but other products that are not discounted.

Sales Tax Holidays
Many states across the nation have adopted some form of tax-free holiday. The sales tax holidays are designed to offer relief to taxpayers by providing a temporary sales tax exemption on certain goods during a specific time period.

Surviving the Retail Rush
Although your store’s peak period may be called something specific, any retail rush is the period of time when retailers are struck with a higher than average number of customers and sales. For some retailers, it can be quite stressful. For the unprepared, it can be down right disastrous. Before you experience your next retail rush, use the following tips to maximize composure and minimize headaches.

Tips to Increase Retail Sales
Whether it's due to forces beyond our control, seasonal sales or a decline in foot traffic, many retailers will experience a slump in sales at some point. The following are a few simple ways you and your staff can improve your retail sales.

Measuring Retail Performance and Productivity
Your shop has customers steadily coming through the doors, employees are busy and there is the frequent 'cha-ching' of the cash register, but how well is your business really doing? It is critical for the success of your business to constantly work towards improving not only the efficiency of employees, but the productivity of the stores selling space and inventory as well. This can be achieved by using various retail math formulas and calculations based on sales.

Are You Podcasting?
I often hear from retailers looking for some unique way to reach their customers. Many feel like "it's all been done before" and they want to try something different. John C. Havens mentions that IBM and Disney are using podcasts to enhance their brand. Maybe you should be too?

Capturing Your Audience… Now!
How often have you said you can't afford to advertise right now? Maybe once business picks up you'll place an ad. Or maybe you're holding those advertising dollars until the holiday shopping begins. Either way, you could be losing potential customers right now.

Selling Tip: The Box-Step Sales Technique
Emjae Johnson, About.com Guide to Sales, offers this technique to help you determine your customer's buying temperature and just may be the catalyst for the close.

Seal the Deal in Seven Seconds
Can you close a sale in just seven seconds? You can do it faster if you use a sales technique to make a great first impression. Seven seconds is the average length of time you have to make a first impression.

Marketing 101: The Secrets to Running a Successful Sale
Get through to your retail customers. What should you do to compete against mass merchandisers? Here's the inside scoop from a "retail survival consultant" from Inc.com.

Tailor Your Sales and Marketing to Generational Differences
Today's customer base is so diverse in age, gender, race, religion, and geographic upbringing that the old rules of marketing and sales are obsolete. This article reviews which marketing and selling strategies are effective when dealing with each of the four generations of buyers today.

articles on best practices for retail marketing

How Do Retail Customers Find You?
In an over-crowded marketplace, getting people to find you is the secret sauce for retailers. Learn some best practices to get noticed and stand out in the crowd.

How Do Customers Find You? - Part 2

Creating a Buying Frenzy

5 Ways Retailers Get You to Spend

Using Bundling to Sell More Products to A Customer
Product bubbling can increase your retail sales even if you have a weak sales team.

The Most Valuable Real Estate You Will Ever Own
Your signature line is your mission statement abbreviated into a few words that define your business for your customer and your employees.

Control Your Email Marketing

Social media is a must for retailers. But what are the mistakes retailers make and how do they avoid them? Here are 4 tips to help you do social media well.

8 Essential Ways to Promote Your Retail Brand

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