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Investigation, security services, and theft prevention articles which include ways to reduce retail shrinkage, how to discourage shoplifting and employee theft and loss prevention statistics.
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5 Ways to Avoid Office Supply Scams
Office supply scams are on the rise and its time for retailers to put extra precautions in place to avoid getting taken by these unscrupulous salesmen. Take a look at the following tips from the Federal Trade Commission to help your retail store avoid getting ripped off in an office supply scam.

Shoplifting Prevention 101
This shoplifting prevention guide will help retailers identify shoplifters and shoplifting methods, create a less attractive environment for shoplifters and teach retailers how to put policies and procedures in place to protect their store against theft.

4 Sources of Shrinkage
The percentage of loss of products between manufacture and point of sale is referred to as shrinkage, or sometimes called shrink. Here are the four major sources of inventory shrinkage in retail.

10 Retail Loss Prevention Books
Preventing shoplifting, stopping employee theft and reducing shrinkage can help ensure the retail store is keeping the most revenue possible. Here are the top picks in loss prevention books.

Customer Service to Prevent Shoplifting
Good store management can be an effective tool against shoplifting. If your store has been designed with loss prevention in mind, another form of prevention is to use customer service techniques to take away opportunities to steal.

Design Store to Reduce Shoplifting
The easiest way for retailers to discourage theft in a store is by taking away opportunities to steal. A well-designed store layout will not eliminate all shoplifting but will help reduce it. Here's how to use your store design to preventing theft.

How to Identify Shoplifters
In order to stop a shoplifter, retailers must first be familiar with the categories of shoplifters, common shoplifting methods, and know what to look for in customers who exhibit strange behavior. Learn how to spot a shoplifter.

Recognizing Return Fraud
Does your return policy allow stolen merchandise to be returned for cash? We certainly hope not! However, the National Retail Federation's Return Fraud Survey says criminals often take advantage of retailers with relaxed return policies. Learn the types of return fraud and the signs your retail business may be the vicitm of return fraud.

Shoplifting Policies and Procedures
It is important to plan policies and procedures for shoplifting early in the business planning. Take the following questions into consideration when writing your shoplifting policies and procedures.

Is Your Perimeter Secure?
While we generally take all the necessary precautions to prevent theives from walking out with merchandise, we may not think about those trying to break in once the store is closed. Does your store have adequate protection against intruders?

Wal-Mart Says Steal and Go Free
You will probably be arrested if you get caught stealing a CD from the local music store, but rip off Wal-Mart and you’re free to go. That's the word on the street, or it will be soon.

Avoiding Credit Card Fraud
An Entrepreneur.com article by John Burtzloff teaches retailers how to safeguard their business without alienating legitimate customers.

Shoplifting - Probable Cause
To establish a solid base for probable cause, and prevent false arrest claims, there are six universally accepted steps that a merchant should be follow before detaining someone suspected of shoplifting. This ExpertLaw article details each.

Do you Have a Protocol?
Retailers who do not have written protocols to handle emergency situations are at risk.

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