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Top 3 Cash Registers Under $200 USD


There are several good cash registers available today for less than $200. While it may seem these low-priced machines are sacrificing functionality for price, we suggest you take another look. These affordable electronic cash management systems come with thermal printers, built-in customer display poles and drawer locks. The following are our favorite cash registers under $200.

1. Royal Alpha 583CX

This Royal is an electronic alpha-numeric cash register with 499 price look-ups (PLUs) and 30 departments. Simple to program, easy to use and great for small businesses.

2. Casio PCR-275

Casio PCR275 Cash Register
One of Casio's many low-priced cash registers. Originally designed for small, low-volume retailers, this electronic cash register features 10 departments, 8 clerks, high-speed printer and two tax tables.
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3. Sharp XE-A202

This Sharp cash register is the ideal solution for businesses that want the latest features along with fast, quiet thermal receipt printing. It features two displays (one customer and one operator), 1200 price look-ups (PLUs) and four tax tables.
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