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Parts of a POS System


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Point of Sale Hardware
NCR RealPOS 80 Complete Point of Sale System

NCR RealPOS 80

NCR Corporation

Retailers can't choose the right point of sale system for their business if they don't first understand the parts of the POS cash register. POS systems can be purchased bundled, with or without software. Like your home PC peripherals, the various POS components can be purchased individually. Prices vary widely by brands and technology. The following is a guide to understanding point of sale hardware.

POS Computer

The main component of a point of sale system is the CPU, or computer, that runs the software. It may have a standard operating system running the machine or it may come loaded with proprietary software from the POS software vendor. It is wise to use your POS computer for only sales transactions, reports and inventory control. This means you should resist the urge to use your point of sale system for any Internet activities.

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