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Cash Register vs. Point of Sale (POS) System
The one item in a retail store a business owner cant do without is the cash register. Whether its the traditional, electronic cash management system or an elaborate computerized point of sale (POS) system, every store needs a machine to process sales. Here's where to buy cash registers, the benefits of a POS system and understanding your business' cash management needs.

Cash Registers Under $200
There are several good cash registers available today for less than $200. While it may seem these low-priced machines are sacrificing functionality for price, we suggest you take another look. These affordable electronic cash management systems come with thermal printers, built-in customer display poles and drawer locks. The following are our favorite cash registers under $200.

Frequently Asked Questions About UPC Bar Codes
Learn what to do if your business needs bar code products and how to assign your bar code numbers to products. UCC membership information is also available.

Retail Strata:G® Software Solutions
A full line of products to enable the retailer to produce sophisticated, fully-integrated financial forecasts, merchandise buying plans, and cash flow plans.

What is a Bar Code?
This articles explains how bar code systems can use several symbologies. A symbology is equivalent to a language and each symbology has strengths and weaknesses.

The Success of Mobile Retail

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