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Customer Comment Cards

Developing a Feedback System


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A carefully planned and well-written customer comment card allows the customer to express their opinion and provide valuable feedback. This form of store evaluation not only helps measure customer satisfaction, but also shows the retailer what areas of operation may need additional resources.

The customer comment card is a great way to collect testimonials. It can also be a great tool for receiving complaints.

Disgruntled customers generally need an outlet to express their dissatisfaction. A conveniently placed customer comment card could prevent the unhappy customer from complaining to a third-party. Now the retailer can receive the complaint and act quickly to resolve the issue. Not only do we get to keep that customer, but it may also prevent any negative word-of-mouth.

Customer Comment Card Tips:

  • Use a professional printer to print the comment cards.
  • Ask only about things you are willing to change.
  • Add the ability for customers to mail in the cards, not just a drop-box.
  • Ask if the customer would like to be contacted regarding comments.
  • Offer an incentive or reward to customers who fill out the comment card.
  • Act quickly to resolve any complaints.

Keep a stack of customer comment cards near your cash registers. Remember, in-store comment cards are only one method for soliciting feedback. Get creative in your methods of soliciting customer feedback.

Use an online version of the customer comment card on the store's website. If you have developed a mailing list, consider sending the cards to select customers. You may be surprised to know what people think about your shop!

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