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Customer Service in Your Retail Store

Develop customer-friendly policies, train your employees to provide excellent customer service skills, and learn how to personalize your shop's customer service. Browse our list of Mystery Shopper providers. We also have tips for creating customer loyalty, dealing with disgruntled customers and other customer relations advice.
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Share How You Deal Disgruntled Shoppers - Customer Service Advice
No matter how wonderful your products are or how committed you are to provide the best customer service, problems do occur. When dealing with a dissatisfied customer, how do you stay cool and diffuse the situation? Share how you deal with the disgruntled shopper.

5 Ways to Lose Customers
Without customers, we wouldn't be in business. That is why it is surprising how easily retail shops unintentionally drive customers away. Here are five simple ways to lose customers.

10 Ways to Turn Off Customers
As retailers, we can't afford to turn off a single customer and image is everything. Take a look around your retail store. Do any of the following situations exist? Here are ten ways your store may be turning off customers.

15 Things Retailers Should Never Say
We all know that a positive tone and language are highly important when it comes to good customer service, but many retailers still use phrases that may give the wrong image and negatively impact our customers' shopping experience.

Appealing to Repeat (Loyal) Customers
Too many retailers concentrate on how to woo new customers and, thus, they do not pay enough attention to what they can do to gain the loyalty and increased patronage of their repeat customers. Unless you are actively engaged, you can do a better job in this area.

Convert Returns into Sales
As retailers, our job is to satisfy our customers and returns and refunds are a reality of retailing. Here's how to turn those inconvenient returns into exchanges and avoid refunds by implementing these simple customer service skills.

Customer Comment Cards
A carefully planned and well-written customer comment card allows the customer to express their opinion and provide valuable feedback. This form of store evaluation not only helps measure customer satisfaction, but also shows the retailer what areas of operation may need additional resources.

Dealing With the Disgruntled
In retail, it's inevitable that there will be the occasional disgruntled customer. No matter how wonderful your products are or how committed you are to provide the best customer service, problems do occur. Armed with the following customer service tips, you can diffuse a situation and possibly even save the customer, as well as the sale.

How to Build Customer Loyalty
The Pareto Principle says that 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers. To keep these customers coming back, you need to help them remain loyal to you. Here's how to build customer loyalty and keep customers coming back.

Product Review: Workplace Spanish for Retailers & Supermarkets
Workplace Spanish for Retailers & Supermarkets will help retailers communicate with their Spanish-speaking customers quickly and effectively.

5 Types of Customers
In retail, this idea of focusing on the best current customers should be seen as an on-going opportunity. To better understand the rationale behind this theory and to face the challenge of building customer loyalty, we need to break down shoppers into five main types.

Customer Service Ideas To Bring in Customers
Susan Ward, your About Guide to Small Business: Canada, tells us about the four ways for small businesses to provide customer service that outshines the customer service of competitors.

Good Customer Service Is No Longer Enough
Your About Guide to Management, John Reh, had the opportunity to ask a few questions of communications expert and author Dianna Booher, CSP. Find out why she says good customer service is no longer enough.

Customer Satisfaction Survey
This survey can be edited for use by a retail store wanting to know how customers feel about their business. It is designed to identify areas needing improvement.

Retail Customer Service - What is it?

5 Ways Retailers Get You to Spend

How to Convert Returns into Sales

4 Strategies to WOW Your Retail Customers

5 Ways You May Be Frustrating Retail Customers
A customer’s shopping experience should be easy and enjoyable. While we would never intend to frustrate customers or make their shopping experience difficult, retailers often put processes in place that lead to aggravated shoppers.

Do Your Retail Employees Succeed at Communicating with Customers?

4 Ways to Boost Convenience for Customers

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