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Startup Cost Calculator

Estimate the Initial Costs of Starting a Retail Business

This calculator lets you estimate the initial costs of starting your retail business. While Inventory is not usually included in calculating Monthly Operating Expenses, it is often overlooked in calculating business expenses and it is therefore listed below.

Remember, inventory sold must be restocked. Also, consider adding 15% to the monthly expense total to cover any unplanned expenses. (Note: You must have JavaScript enabled in order to use this Start-Up Cost calculator.)

Fixed Start Up Costs

Mortgage or Lease Deposit






Store Fixtures, Signs & Equipment


Office Supplies & Store Use Items


Professional Fees (Legal &Accounting)


Licenses, Permits & Registration Costs


Utilities Deposits/Connection


Other Fixed Start-up Costs (Website, Etc.)


Monthly Operating Expenses
Rent/Mortgage Payment $
Inventory $
Loans $
Wages $
Advertising/Marketing $
Insurance $
Equipment Lease $
Utilities $
Other  Expenses (Web Hosting, Etc) $

Business Start-Up Estimations

Start Up Expenses


Monthly Expenses


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