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Shari Waters

Shari Waters began her journey in retail more than 25 years ago when she agreed to work Saturdays in a sporting goods store for a family friend. Since then, she has worked her way up through the retail ranks from sales clerk to store manager, on to shop owner.


Shari's background includes working in various sectors of the retail industry and her roles have ranged from cashier to store manager. She has participated as a member of several retail round-table discussions with the National Association of College Stores and served as an officer of the Marketing/Management Advisory Committee at Ogeechee Technical College. Besides operating the specialty retail business she and her husband began, Shari also works as a freelance writer and consultant for other retailers and small-business startups.

By Shari Waters:

I understand that being a shop owner/operator requires an extraordinary amount of skill. You have many hats to wear and must know when to wear which in order to be successful. From writing orders and managing employees to stocking new inventory, the job as a retailer is never done and there is always room for improvement. I hope this site offers the necessary tools, resources and support you need to successfully start and operate your retail business.

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