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Readers Respond: Surviving a Sales Slump

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When the daily sales receipts are down, what does your store do to get them back up? If your retail store never has those days, what's your secret? Share your tips for surviving a sales slump.

Tips for grab market

In retail sector customers and Service associaters relationship is very important. This both are satisfied your business grow like anything.
—Guest Manjunath. Jadhav


There are some key points that our customers really interested in, as follows: 1. Atmosphere that can create new experiences during shopping 2. One stop shopping that customer can find what they are need,complete range of skis 3. Attractive promotion to touch emotional logic 4. Reachable, customer easy to reach your store.
—Guest Budi Hermawan

Great Customer Service!

I think customers truly appreciate being treated good! They like when a sales associate knows about the products and shipping times and can explain the options the customer may have.
—Guest theblackbat.com


If you have less people walking through the door, make sure you use that time to give more attention to each customer. If you make a personal connection to someone they are more likely to buy from you than someone else, even if it's not on the same day. 25% of 100 or 10% of 250.
—Guest Quiet in Ottawa

Product Knowledge

Every sale team must know very well what they are selling now and act themselves as sale consultant to your customer. Make sure what you are selling is not just to increase turnover, but also make use it offer real benefit to your customer, then they will come back to you and be your loyal customer forever.
—Guest MY HOME Villa

Don't Wait

Don't sit around and wait for customers to come to you, go find customers yourself!! Promote, Promote, Promote!! Get your business's name out there, talk to everyone about what is happening in your store. Wear your uniform to the local grocery store and while you shop, walk around saying hi to everyone as if you know them, they will wonder where you know them from and see your logo...instant reminder and free, too!! Remember that everyone is a potential customer, take advantage of every opportunity to talk up your business, you never know who is listening and telling their friends.
—Guest adisney

Lots of Patients

Great tip this, probably the one that makes the most sense and the most cost effective. Keep costs down, control inventory and BE PATIENT!!!

New items from your Facebook Followers

Create a highly visible end cap with new items added to your inventory because they were recommended by your customers. Put a large sign on top of the end cap that says "We added it because you wanted it" Put a sign in the middle of the display that says "What can we add for you today" and put your Facebook page link below it with a QR code. On the sign in front of each new product add the name of the customer who recommended the item with their Facebook picture. This will personalize your offerings, create an incentive for your customers to connect to you on facebook, and give you a good topic to post on your facebook page. House Hasson Wholesale Hardware

Back to basics

When a recession hits, it's the ideal time to get back to sales basics. You have less feet through the door, so you have more time to spend with each client. Use this opportunity to practice your sales skills and techniques. Warm and well-meant greetings. Effective probing questions. Tailor your presentation to the client's needs. Anticipate objections before they arise. Close each client all the time, by asking continually for small yes's that make the end decision easier. Ask for referrals. Do all of this, and you will stand out from the crowd, and when the recession ends, you will ride the wave of success!!

Penetrate the existing market

I have long experience in retail business. It is better to approach more & more customers in professional manner. We can combine certain small-value immediate use item with different products like windshield water in the winter time with other seasonal products.
—Guest Rajinder Arora

According my views

Inside store gets priority attention for execution. If things are properly displayed or merchandised then the customer feels comfortable to buy.
—Guest shahid nazir bhatti

Listen to Customer

I have been in retail business for last 6 years and I feel that customer is the most integral part of Business so we must listen to our customer as to what he wants in terms of Service and products, make him as a part of business activity understand his requirements and offer suggestions if provided and most important never give misleading information to your customers this will help in gaining his confidence / loyalty which is to me the most important to any business activity.
—Guest Shikhar

Feel the Customer By Heart

Always try to give a customer a hearty feeling when he entered your store, If a customer is regular visitor/brand loyal let him feel that he is standing in his/her own store.If the customer is new to your store or brand let him feel that he is the chief guest for your store. It is observe globelly that the customer service and their satisfaction is always on higer side. This is the only path to achive/sustain in the retail industry.
—Guest Prabhat Mishra

Newness (part 2)

In response to the Newness reply, sometimes you just can't go out and buy new inventory - especially when older stuff is languishing on the sales floor. So, it is essential to move your items around so that it at least LOOKS like you have new stock. Also, be sure to put your best selling items where everyone can see them. And put the slow selling items far away. Nothing kills the appearance of newness as having an old piece that is marked down hanging on display right next to your new items. Put the dinosaur in a designated "On Sale" area in the back of the store, but be sure to tell everyone that there is a sales rack with great bargains there.
—Guest Mark


New arrivals always help. Refresh your inventory.
—Guest biglexington@aol.com

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