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Readers Respond: How Does Your Store Build Customer Loyalty?

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In order to keep customers coming back to our stores, we have to create a bond with our shoppers and implement practices to solidify those relationships. How does your store build customer loyalty? What keeps your customers returning?

Retired marketing Rep

Great article! Its nice to know there are still , ambitious,courteous and conscientious,workers out there. Whenever I am treated professionally, I make sure to let management know how, via email, valuable an asset their employee is. Hiring the right person will keep customers coming back!
—Guest Les

In fashion its Variety

In our fashion industry, we offer variety every season with minimal repeats, to keep customers expectant of something different everytime they see "New Arrivals" at our store or in the media.
—Guest Sophie


The right goods and right price will make customers come back. Also, customer care will support your store.
—Guest akida_65@hotmail.com


Giving a proper training to your employees can also helps your store to build and retain good and loyal customers. Some times a well decorated store can attract good number of customer, because customers are basically perception driven. A good ,well decorated store is able to left a huge impact on the customers..So now onwards try to build a strong perception on customers mind.
—Guest INDRA

Customer Care

Greet customers with a smile no matter how tired you are and say "thank you for shopping at.... please call again." I know a customer who buys at our store simply because one of the staff members offered to get him a basket since he was carrying groceries in his hands. Customers want to feel important and if they do they'll definitely come back.
—Guest carol

Welcome back dear customer

I think that there three major things to take care of to make the Customers come back: The reasonable price is first of all the main issue that makes The customers come back and ignore some remarks about the store And the second issue is (out of stock): Customers like to find all what They need when they need to, or at least what they used to buy from the Store, we have to consider not to fill the gaps with another product Because It might make the customers think that the product is no longer available. And for sure always remember to keep the staff cooperative and smiling :) :) :)

Customers are cherry picking

Today's customer are cherry picking, need to provide hassle free joyful shopping experience apart from product offerings.
—Guest Dilip Singh

Customer Coming back

We should serve right goods to customers rather than finding right customers for our goods.
—Guest Mohammad Aquib Siddiqui

No Customers?

I also think without customers they wouldn't need to be shelving products because they would have no business. Some people make no sense.
—Guest Becca

Retail stores losing customers

I think that retail stores lose business because they don't put up signs saying what they are selling in the stores. The prices may be way too much to some of the customers. The people that are running the retail store may not be nice.
—Guest Toni Williams


We need to make a bond with our customers. That way we can make them come back to our store
—Guest Becca Otte


Customer loyalty is a great thing, we must honour them and understand their psychology...
—Guest KABIR

m ony back gauarantee

In today's era cusotmers have minimal time and money to fulfill their unlimited wants. So consumer wants to purchase from a store where he gets maximum value. The retailer can make customers loyal by providing money back guarantees.
—Guest vishal gupta

Happy Birthday!

Our customers sign up to our mailing list and have the option including their birth date. The mailing system we use, sends a pre-formatted birthday greeting to their email. We often hear from our customers how much they appreciate the small gesture!
—Guest Anne

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