1. Money
It's not easy competing in today's retail environment. Understanding how to provide top-notch customer service, merchandising and marketing is critical to maintaining your share of the market. The following resources will provide insight into managing and growing a successful retail business.
  1. Customer Service
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Store Operations
  4. Staffing

Customer Service

Customer service is the heart of retailing. Retailers can keep the customers coming back with customer-friendly policies and by training employees to provide excellent customer service. Learn how to personalize your shop's customer service, create a loyalty program, use Mystery Shopper services or simply deal with disgruntled customers.

Inventory Management

Learn how to find products for resale, negotiate the best buying terms, and get tips for writing an inventory plan. How much markup should I put on a product? What's the best merchandise mix for my store? What can I do with my overstocked merchandise? Get answers to these and other inventory buying and management questions.

Store Operations

Running a retail business requires a set of day-to-day policies and procedures. The following resources can help retailers create those daily operating procedures, manage internal control systems, and establish other retailing functions to grow a retail business.


Hire and train new employees, schedule salespersons and be the boss of your retail staff. We'll help define the role of store manager, tell you where to find good employees and give advice for conducting the exit interview.

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