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Staff Meeting Topics: Shoplifting

Retail Topic Ideas for Store Meetings


Soaring prices, staff cutbacks, mounting debt and stagnate wages are all signs of our declining economy. As the economy slows, retailers can expect shoplifting and theft to rise.

The store meeting is an excellent time to review the retailer's shoplifting policies and procedures for reporting store theft and ways each employee can prevent shoplifting.

During the summer months, retailers may see an increase in the number of unsupervised children and teens in the store. Not all minors steal, but staff should be trained to watch for groups people who appear to be looking around rather than shopping. There are many other ways to identify possible shoplifters. Be sure all employees are aware of the signs.

This staff meeting is also a great time to remind employees that one of the best shoplifting deterrents is outstanding customer service.

The following loss prevention resources for retailers can help store management and staff prevent shoplifting.

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