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The Exit Interview

Sample Questions


A lot of thought, preparation and planning go into hiring a good employee. When that employee leaves the company, a retailer can take advantage of an exit interview to learn valuable information from the departing employee that he/she may have never learned.

The exit interview can be in either written form or a face-to-face meeting. Plan your questions thoughtfully and carefully before the interview. Determine what it is you would like to know. Try to find out if there were things the departing employee would suggest to improve conditions, production or morale. Be sure to stay focused on the employee, use open-ended questions and save the difficult questions until the end.

Sample Questions

  • Why are you leaving?
  • What did you like least/most about your position?
  • How did you feel you were managed during your length of employment?
  • How do you feel the company is run?
  • Under what conditions would you have stayed?
  • How did you feel about your pay and/or benefits?

Exit interviews are important in situations where employees have been asked to leave. This gives an individual a chance to air any grievances, and to provide feedback. Even if the employee is leaving on his/her own accord, expect the unexpected and be prepared for negative responses.

The exit interview is only effective if the results are analyzed. If you've had a few people quit, try to determine if there are trends in the answers given. Use the results to indentify changes that can be made to keep existing and future employees from leaving. So use the opportunity to listen, learn and make the necessary changes within your retail business.

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