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Refunds & Returns

Need tips for creating a policy on returns, refunds or merchandise exchanges? We have resources for retailers on writing refund policies, advice for preventing return fraud and how to convert returns to sales.

Merchandise Return Form
Download this sample merchandise refund and return form for your retail store.

Convert Returns into Sales
As retailers, our job is to satisfy our customers and returns and refunds are a reality of retailing. Here's how to turn those inconvenient returns into exchanges and avoid refunds by implementing these simple customer service skills.

Dealing With the Disgruntled
In retail, it's inevitable that there will be the occasional disgruntled customer. No matter how wonderful your products are or how committed you are to provide the best customer service, problems do occur. Armed with the following customer service tips, you can diffuse a situation and possibly even save the customer, as well as the sale.

How to Handle Product Recalls
If a recall is issued, a comprehensive plan that reaches the entire distribution chain to consumers who have the product is put into action. Advance notice of the recalled products will then be passed to participating retailers. This retailer's guide to recalls explains how to handle product recalls at the store level.

Recognizing Return Fraud
Does your return policy allow stolen merchandise to be returned for cash? We certainly hope not! However, the National Retail Federation's Return Fraud Survey says criminals often take advantage of retailers with relaxed return policies. Learn the types of return fraud and the signs your retail business may be the vicitm of return fraud.

Writing a Return Policy
Retailers should keep customer service in mind while writing a return policy. It's a delicate balance to strike, but an obtainable one. Consider the following when creating your return policy.

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