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Retail Store Evaulations

Benefits of Assessment


A retailer's goal of providing the right products, at the right price, to the right people may not always be executed as planned. While intentions are good, the occasionally overwhelming daily objectives may cloud the overall view of our retail stores.

In order to meet our customers' needs, it is important to conduct regular retail store evaluations. An objective assessment of our stores can help us measure whether or not we are fulfilling our customers' expectations.

The Benefits

Why do we conduct retail store evaluations? The most obvious answer is so we can view our store through the eyes of our customers. Other reasons to conduct regular retail store evaluations are to:

  • Identify areas that are working well
  • Locate overlooked problems
  • Learn how the store compares to similar retail stores
  • Examine consumer buying behaviors
  • Increase sales and margins

When creating a list of questions for the retail store evaluations, objectivity and neutrality are most important. Store evaluations can be performed by a mystery shopper service or retailers can conduct their own store assessment. Consider encouraging staff to participate and be sure to solicit customer feedback in the form of store opinion surveys.

Read on to learn what areas to evaluate.

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