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Valentine's Day Displays for Unromantic Products

Merchandising Tips


Valentines Day Display Ideas

Valentines Day Display Ideas

Shari Waters

According to the National Retail Federation, the average consumer will spend around $100.00 on Valentine's Day this year. Candy, cards, jewelry, and flowers are always holiday favorites, but retailers who don't stock those items can still get a piece of Valentine spending. It just takes a little creativity.

No matter what type of products you sell, you can create an attractive display. Certain products will naturally lend themselves to a great display opportunity. If your product line doesn't seem very romantic, don't despair. Try the following when building a Valentine's Day display:

  • Pick out items mostly likely to be given as gifts
  • If possible, choose products with red or pink colors
  • Place several small items in a gift bag or basket
  • Finish the display with balloons, a box of candy, paper hearts or red ribbons
  • Add signage announcing a Valentine's Day special or reminder of the date

These Valentine's Day merchandising tips can be used by most any retailer, whether you sell pet supplies, high-end clothing, auto accessories or even computer supplies.

If you can't seem to create an interesting Valentine's Day display with the products you sell, try to have eye-catching signage advertising gift cards or gift certificates where available.

Now show us your best work. If you have created a special visual display, we want to share it with our viewers. Just follow the instructions and send us your display photos to be added to our gallery. Who knows, you just may inspire another retailer!

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