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Parts of a POS System


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Receipt Printer
Epson TM-T88III Thermal Receipt Printer

Epson TM-T88III Thermal Receipt Printer


The final item to tie together the POS system is the receipt printer. The ability to print a record of the transaction for the customer, and possibly the store, is critical. Serial dot-matrix printers are generally cheaper to purchase initially, but this type of printer uses pins and ink ribbons which add to the cost over the lifespan of the receipt printer. Thermal receipt printers cost more initially, but use special paper which also adds to the lifetime expense. However, the thermal printer is also faster and quieter.

Some receipt printers include a check reader which uses Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) to describe the numbers and symbols that appear at the bottom of checks. This type of printer can read, print and then endorse a check in a single pass.

Which ever style and model of cash register receipt printer a you choose, be sure you have plenty of the correct related supplies on hand such as receipt paper or printer ink and ribbons. If integrating with an existing point of sale system, be sure to have the proper cables for connectivity.

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