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Executive Summary



The executive summary features the highlights of the entire business plan. It grabs the reader's attention, explains who and what this business is all about and why he or she should continue reading.

What to Include:

When writing the executive summary, be sure to include the following:
  • Business name and location
  • Business concept
  • The purpose of the business plan
  • How and what products/services you plan to sell
  • Projected sales and profits
  • Who will operate the business
  • Any fact or news you don't want overlooked


Remember that this is a summary so be sure to offer a synopsis of each section of your business plan. However, it could be the only part of your plan ever read so make sure you've included the most important points. Write to engage the reader and keep the tone positive and upbeat. The executive summary should be at least a few paragraphs and no more than one or two pages. While it appears at the beginning of the business plan, it is recommended to write this part last.

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